Advices for watching webcams 

1. Consider if the webcam you are watching is located into a day or night place.
If you are not sure visit this convenient live day&night map.

2. Be patient until the webcam definitively starts.
Depending on the technology on which the webcam is implemented may take more or less time. It should not be longer than 20 seconds anycase.

3. Take into consideration that there are three types of webcams.
1. Static Webcams. These webcams show a freeze shot live picture. You may refresh your browser in order to refresh the image.
2. Video Streaming Webcams. These webcams show live video and some times also audio.
3. Remote Control Webcams. These webcams may be controled by you, for instance zooming or moving the camera. You should consider other may be interacting at the same point.

4. Install these plug-ins into your internet browser.
Webcams may be implemented in a wide range of technologies and very often it is required you to install some free plug-ins into your browser. Plug-ins are small pieces of software distributed by companies to improve the capabilities of your browser that you must download and install just once.

Get Windows Media Player Get QuickTime  

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